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You didn’t understand let me tell you an example.

(Family business I hope everyone heard about this word)

We study in school and college some of us may even get first class marks.

But after college when we meet our friends in any marriage or party we will see that those who used to fail in studies in school & college are earning monthly 1 lakh or more But you used to be class topper still earning 20 or 30 thousand monthly. we ask our friend what job is he doing he will say family business. It can be any business building contractor, Pawnbroker or export business. Everything was taught by his father you really want to earn like them learn trading and start earning in future teach this trading to your children so that they can earn you don't have to buy house to them teach this trading to him/her the knowledge which you gain from trading in 1  to 4 yrs sure you will become genius to teach your kid.